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live bulk superworms & insects


Buy Live Bulk Superworms & Insects

The Best Live Bulk Superworms On The Web Delivered To Your Door!

$5 off your first order of $25 or more!

Use Code HIGHFIVE At Checkout

Order nourishing live insect excellence

Elevate your pet's diet with SuperwormCo's live Superworms. Our focus on nutrition, ethical breeding, and a dependable live arrival guarantee means you're getting premium insects without the premium price.


By buying Superworms direct from us, get the assurance of top-notch insects at the same prices pet stores pay, saving money and ensuring the best for their pet.

Group of Large Superworms

In stock & shipping next day.

Group of 4 different sized Superworms


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Starting at $5.99


- Quick Shipping

- Live Arrival Guarantee

- Highly Nutritious 

- Multiple Sizes Available 

Currently offering weekly and monthly subscriptions

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Weekly or monthly subscriptions

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50 to 10,000 Superworms at a time

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Zero hassle, cancel anytime

Subscription spots are limited. If you miss out, please contact us and request a place on our waitlist. 

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What People Say

1000 Superworms

Super fast shipping, arrived on time and alive! Seller was awesome and answered my question super quickly. I'll definitely be purchasing from them again soon! Thanks so much!

500 Superworms

Very well packaged worms! I'm impressed. They were very secure, plump, and healthy buggers. This will be my go to for superworms from now on!.

1000 Superworms

Another epic and fast shipment from these insect  Pro's!! Highly recommended  100%, always great shipments. In the rare event an issue comes up they are fast to be helpful

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