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Looking for a Superworm supplier?

Growing Together 

We believe in growing with our clients. As your business grows, so do we. With our commitment to providing high-quality live food, we ensure that your customers keep coming back for more. Offering live food sets you apart from the competition and establishes your store as a trusted source for pet care. We work closely with you to meet the demands of your business, ensuring a steady supply of live Superworms and other insects. Together, we can take your pet store to the next level, providing exceptional service and a wide selection of products to your customers. Choose Superworm CO as your live food provider, and let's grow together.

A Helping Hand

At our Superworm CO, we believe that it is important to Nurture your pets and Nurture yourself. With our In-Store Inventory Solution options, pet stores selling live animals can enjoy free live food with a recurring order. This not only helps you manage costs and responsibilities but also ensures that your pets receive the best care possible. 

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The Superworm Guarantee  

At Superworm CO, we are committed to providing the best care for your pets. That's why we offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on all orders. Our guarantee ensures that you receive your Superworms and other insects in top condition, every time. In the rare case of any issues, we cover all costs, including shipping and handling, and will send out a replacement order as soon as possible. Trust us to provide the peace of mind and high-quality pet care that you and your pet store deserve. Learn more

Boost Your Bottom Line

Live Insects - A Profitable Addition - Pet stores that incorporate live insects into their inventory are experiencing a surge in profits. With low cost of goods and high demand, selling live insects offers an excellent opportunity for increased revenue. Don't miss out on this profitable addition to your pet store."

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