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Superworm Co.'s Guide to 

Caring for Superworms

Keeping Superworms is an adventure of its own. Even though they end up being food for your beloved pets, giving them everything they need to reduce stress is the right thing to do.

1. Containers - Homes

Everybody needs a home - even Superworms

Something with smooth sides is a priority - we recommend a clear storage container because you can see when the food has been eaten. Make sure the container has 3" of sides above the substrate, more is better, but 3" works just fine. Superworms do great in open containers but if you do add a lid be sure its is adequately ventilated.

2. Bedding - Food

You have a few options here, but the gold standard is wheat bran or red wheat bran. You can find bran in bulk at feed stores or buy smaller quantities from us. We love it; we go through tons a month!

Other options include cornmeal & rolled oats (both can be had at your local grocery store). Some people say cereal is a viable option, but we are just not a fan of bedding that has additives. It's best to Look for one-ingredient options. 

3. Moisture - Veggies

Carrots or potatoes are both great easy options for Superworms. The key is not overfeeding. They should consume whatever you add within 24 hours. If you keep a small number of Superworms, feed them some of your veggie scraps from your kitchen. Strawberry tops, carrot, apple, and even banana peels are great options. Remember, what you feed your Superworms is eaten by your pet. Mixing it up is a great idea!

Remove anything at the first sign of mold. 

4. Climate - Temperature 

Did you know Superworms come from Central America? They like temperatures ranging from 78-80°F. While they can tolerate slightly lower or higher temperatures, it's best to aim for a cozy 70-80°F range. They're happiest tucked away in a dark corner or even a pantry, where they can do their thing undisturbed. To keep their habitat just right, we recommend keeping humidity relatively low, below 50%, to prevent any unfavorable substrate conditions.

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