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Live Arrival Guarantee:

We pride ourselves on our live arrival policy. However, there are a few limitations to the policy.


All orders shipped for hold for pickup will qualify for our live arrival policy. We do reserve the right to postpone shipment during extreme weather conditions and or events. These events and conditions Include but are not limited to temperatures below 15°F or above 110°F and significant weather events that delay shipping.


Home Delivery Live Arrival:

(None hold for pickup) orders will only be guaranteed for live arrival if temperatures (HIGHS) are above 55F and below 85F.

  1. Home delivery: Someone must be present to receive the order. You may send us an email with a picture or video showing the worms in the shipping bag (unopened) and the order number, or you may send it through the website messaging center. Home deliveries that are delivered dead on arrival (DOA) must be reported within 2 hours.

   2. Claims that are not sent within 2 hours or missing pictures will not be guaranteed. Please note that if you cannot send           a photo, please explain why in your message.


The guarantee covers the fee for a replacement order that will be sent out the following scheduled shipping day. Only one replacement per order is allowed. We recommend having your order replacement sent HOLD FOR PICKUP, regardless of temperature. We reserve the right to ship HOLD FOR PICKUP on replacement orders if necessary. 





Allergy precautions. Some people are allergic to Superworms; please handle them with appropriate care.


Superworms can bite you and have even been known to break the skin. Always handle Superworms with protective equipment like gloves or tongs. Handling Superworms will be done at your own risk. 


Superworms are not sold for human consumption. Anyone consuming our Superworms will do so at their own risk. 

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