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Our large Mealworms average around 1". We take the extra time to ensure you receive a giant worm.


Mealworms are one of the most common feeder insects out there. We find most animals love Mealworms.


All of our Mealworms are raised on natural food. We do not use growth hormones, chemicals, or other synthetic food products while raising our Mealworms

Large Mealworms 3/4"-1"

  • You may refrigerate Mealworms to prolong their larval stage.

    Mealworms prefer temperatures above 70F and below 82F. We advise putting them in a small container with 2" of wheat bran, cereal, cornmeal, or dry oats, which will act as a substrate and food source for your Supers. It is best to add a root vegetable, like carrots or potatoes, for moisture, as they tend to rot slower. Keep an eye on the material and replace it when necessary. 

    Unlike Superworms, Mealworms will pupate on their own.

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