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Introducing our Feeder Insect Special: a perfect combination of 1000 Superworms and 1000 Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) at an unbeatable price. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our offerings.

Our Superworms, averaging around 2 inches in size, are carefully raised to ensure you receive the finest, giant worms. Unlike other suppliers, we prioritize quality over quantity, providing you with the ultimate feeding experience. Even the pickiest eaters are sure to love these highly active Superworms.

Meanwhile, our Black Soldier Fly Larvae are the ultimate food source for reptiles, birds, and fish enthusiasts. Raised on a nutrient-rich diet, these larvae offer exceptional nutritional value and protein content. We guarantee live arrival and take pride in providing the utmost quality by meticulously selecting healthy larvae of the perfect size.



1000 Superworms & 1000 BSFL

  • Hold for pickup means having your order held at your local post office ensures your Supers & BSFL will be safe and sound, waiting for you at the post office. Be sure to enter the name of the person picking up the order when you check out. It is also helpful to add your phone number so that USPS can call you when your order is ready for pickup. 

  • Superworms are shipped in mesh bags with ink-free newspapers for support. All our boxes are clearly marked "LIVE ANIMALS" with 1" perforations along the sides. Box design and quantity we ship per box do change throughout the year based on weather. 

    Please check your weather temperature 1-4 days from purchasing(this will be your expected delivery date)

    If your temperatures (Highs) are below 55°F or above 85°F, please select hold for pickup. If your temperatures are outside the safe shipping range of 55°F-85°F and you elect not to have your Supers held for pickup, we cannot guarantee live arrival.

    We understand that particular circumstances occur where your temperatures are not within that range but you feel safe shipping directly, such as being one of the first customers on the mail route or owning a climate-controlled PO box. You are welcome to do so; however our live arrival guarantee will not apply. 

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